Tap Dancing Through Confrontations

I’m the classic example of a damsel who grew up living in her own bubble and in a dreamland that never quite existed outside of her imagination. I was also the poster child of “Yes Man” for the thought of saying no brought to my mind a series of missed opportunities and God forbid I allow that. Even though my military father tried to run a serious regiment at home, I being the younger one who was very much sheltered by her elder sister and mother, managed to wriggle free from them military shackles. Happily wrapped in my own cocoon of the world, I imagined everything to be unicorns and rainbows. So much so that when my father wanted to get a new coat albeit a pricier one in exchange of one that was gifted, I volunteered to pitch in for the few extra bucks. Continue reading “Tap Dancing Through Confrontations”


The Inspired Woman


I remember reading my first Mills and Boon as a kid. How I romanticised the concept of love and assumed that butterflies were a given! The allure of having someone to be there at all times was real. The idea of being a damsel in distress while this “tall, dark and handsome” man took charge Continue reading “The Inspired Woman”

Aboard the MBA roller coaster ride


The glory and glitter of pursuing an MBA leaves an impression on just about anybody that I’ve interacted with. For the longest time, those wanting to pursue it are plagued with getting the right score that will have their dream school send them the longed for offer letter. MBA is often pegged as one’s long-term goal and everything that one does from the time of under-graduation until actually being in a B-school is focused on helping one to to get into a B-school. At least that’s how I’ve perceived it all along. But there’s so much more to it. I’ve heard of people telling me how getting in is the least of your worries as actually going through it is what will change your perceptions, your opinions and the very person that you are. I remember laughing at such statements and wondering how the grass is definitely greener on the other side Continue reading “Aboard the MBA roller coaster ride”

Unique Snowflake


A few months ago I landed in the city of Toronto in all its glory with sunshine and all. I was really looking forward to starting this new phase of my life and finally pursuing my MBA so everything was beautiful and grand, as is the honeymoon phase. Gradually, it hit me – I was living away from family and friends for the first time in a land that gets really cold (it’s practically the tropics where I come from) amidst people whom I now call friends. The denial was replaced with facing the reality as it would be for me for at least a few years and my, was I surprised at my reaction! Home sickness hit me Continue reading “Unique Snowflake”

Sun, sand & Bintang


A beautiful walk this evening with the lovely breeze and Fall colours has me reminiscing about my trip to Bali last year. Gorgeous scenic beauty as the place is, it was also a turning point for the relationship I share with my sister for it was our first “just-us-sisters” trip. The bond I share with her is unparalleled but this trip together strengthened it beyond the realms of elder and younger siblings. It made us look at each other as girls going through the usual stuff life throws at us in our respective spheres vis-à-vis sisters blinded by their love for each other.

Resurfacing from this wave of nostalgia is a tough ride as I’m vividly transported back to the surreal beauty Bali is.
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Change is the only constant – Cliché but true

I changed and I’m still changing but for the better.

It’s amazing how a beautiful sentence like that is instantly perceived with negativity because the very thought of change upsets our programmed functional minds. The slight inkling of moving outside of our comfort zone or accepting something different troubles our souls. Come to think of it, animals probably adapt the best to changing circumstances. Possibly since their requirements are restricted to the basic needs and us humans have long since moved past them in search of something more significant. In this thirst of more, we often forget that evolution is omnipresent. We are changing with every passing hour and if we allow ourselves, this change could be for the better.

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Made for Each Other

To chronicle a love story is to revel in its glory. To put to words the exquisite feelings that two people share with each other is to express ineffable emotions. To watch your elder sibling live her story of love is to experience the most beautiful emotion ever.

Amidst the throes of madness, negativity and pitfalls, a moment of pure and unadulterated rush of emotions is the equivalent to witnessing a rainbow streak across the grey sky. One such moment for me is to see my sister unravel her life journey with the one person who will always be by her side. Continue reading “Made for Each Other”